Hello there,

My name is Rachel Garrad; proud owner of Lily Dove Designs. Created in 2016 after completing many training courses and getting my first commissioned websites live. Let me tell you about my journey to get here:

I grew up on a farm, surrounded and inspired by nature which naturally gave me a very creative mind. And although my career has been primarily admin type jobs I've jumped at every opportunity to design, problem solve and create.

My studies included Biology, Sociology, Product Design, Computer Science and Business Studies which ultimately focused my creative skills to web development and graphic design. While persuing admin based roles (to bring in the pennies) I've always taken the opportunity to cover my employers design and website needs. This has also helped me decide to create and inspire people outside of my admin career and the fact that web development / design is my dream also helped with that.

So to further my skills I have completed HTML / CSS and Wordpress. I am also currently enrolled on a Google Analytics course; with a few more courses lined up.

Of course my 'life story' is alot more complex than those few paragraphs. If you would like to know anything else, I am more than happy to answer any questions you may have.(Contact)